About Us

When you contact us to consider becoming EMS we will take the time to introduce you to the subject and discuss what it takes to train for the many facets of modern EMS operations. We are a volunteer organization and in return for time is service to the community in whatever area makes sense for you we will provide training at little or no cost.

Our standards are very high and we have a strict selection process. You will need a clean criminal record with no felony charges and clean driving record for at least the past three years. The first step will be to fill in our online application and you will be contacted within 24 Hours by our Membership Team. After an initial interview the next step would be a period of tabling when local state and federal background checks are carried out by a certified agency.

After clearing tabling there is a six month probationary period where you will receive mandatory safety and CPR training. You will receive additional safety training and orientation on an ambulance and finally you will be allowed to join a crew as an aide to confirm that you understand what you are getting into. Our job is to be our best often on the worst day of someone’s life, it is not for everyone. During the six month probation you will receive substantial additional certified training, at which point when you have met the standards and obligations of your commitment, your peers will vote to elevate you to a full member.

There is a minimum duty hours per month commitment that must be met or you will be dropped from the program. It is not easy but for those who take up the challenge it is hugely rewarding. Are you up for the challenge?…..come and find out more about joining our family, we want to meet you.

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