Our Vision

Our Vision:

Charles County Mobile Intensive Care Unit will strive to provide steady growth of volunteer Advanced and Basic Life Support services that meet the evolving needs of the Citizens of Charles County, maintaining a safe operational environment and promoting professional and accredited education for our members.

Our Mission:

Charles County Mobile Intensive Care Unit is dedicated to ensuring that our patients are provided with high quality Basic and Advanced Life Support pre-hospital emergency care. To that end, we will:

  • Promote the mental, emotional, and physical health of our volunteer membership;
  • Encourage a culture of excellence and public service leading by example;
  • Sustain growth in the recruitment and training of Basic and Advanced Life Support providers;
  • Embrace, understand and apply the Maryland Emergency Medical Protocols;
  • Promote involvement in collaborative relationships with other organizations that share our vision;
  • Through continued education and skills practice be prepared to provide high quality emergency care to our patients;
  • Become educators that others may benefit from our experience and training
  • Work closely with other healthcare professionals within our community and beyond our traditional borders;
  • Evolve and grow with the changing needs of our community;
  • Develop new sources of funding Federal, State and Private outside of traditional sources.

Our Values:

As we work together to fulfill this vision and mission, we value:

  • Commitment-Dedication to those we serve and to our Brother and Sister EMS;
  • Capability-Always ready to skillfully intervene when our patients need us most;
  • Motivation-Always to strive for Personal, Professional and Educational growth;
  • Innovation – Working together using new ideas and technology to accomplish more;
  • Consistency- Staying focused on personal reliability and performance as part of a team;
  • Unified Action – Setting aside personal differences to work together for better outcomes

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